Bagher Amirvand

Bagher Amirvand of RMS North America

Bagher Amirvand

Chief Business Intelligence Officer

RMS North America, LLC

I have passion of advancing and learning new technology BI tools and expertise in utilizing visualization analytics to explore big data & identify key trends and insights from multi faceted & multi dimensional data and making Analytic Visualization insights on Healthcare, Financial services, Real Estate services, Property Valuation, Location Analysis,and multifamily real estate analysis. Manager of the Business Intelligence QC team of Social Media Analysts, recruiting, training, assigning workload, and planning. Ability to effectively interact with business leaders and stakeholders. Leading Product Development, QC testing, customer use cases of MOBI-Mass Opinion Business Intelligence cloud computing.

Enjoy leading team, contractors & offshore resources allocation in multi-faceted projects. Managing & developing project plans which identify key issues, problems to solve, performance metrics & resource requirements. Managing all aspects of the project life cycle, budget, timeline, scope, resource planning, quality deliverable. Successful delivery of new innovative software products/services in agile environment, test and integration, Data Analysts team, analyzing and presenting analytic data with insights of cross-functional projects. Eager to take initiatives and solving problems.